Welcome to Sapiens Art the first Visual Game that offers a virtual space to Artists, allowing their expression and showing their Art Pieces to the world and giving everybody the opportunity of actively participating by comparing and betting (for Free) on them.

By clicking on the button sign in above at right, you may start playing either as an Artist or as an Art Critic.

Each player may be both Artist and Art Critic.

You will gain 30 free uploads as soon as you sign in. Each upload has a counter that will show how many positive critics your art piece will get. Each one of the 30 uploads may be substituted by you whenever you wish. To upload your artworks just click on the “Upload” button at the right top of the screen.

As an Art Critic, you will have the chance of judging the images that appear on the screen pressing on either the green button “I LIKE” or the red button “I DISLIKE” which will increase the possibilities for an image to remain or exiting the game and determining the Artist’s position on classification results; in order to win Sapiens Points you may click on the betting points 24 – 16 – 8 on the right for every single Image. If during the game, the image you have betted for appears again on the screen, you will earn the same amount of points you have betted and you will go up on the Art Critic classification.

If you can’t make up your mind about an image, you may pass that decision to some other player by pressing on the button “PASS”.

By the other hand, if you consider that the image you are looking at is carrying inappropriate contents such as: violent, immoral, etc. you may press on the red button below at your left “CENSURE” . By doing so you are informing Sapiens Art’s administration about the fact.

The prizes are:

1°/2°/3° Finalist:
- Permanent exhibition on Sapiens Art’s gallery.

1°/2° Finalist:
- Permanent exhibition on Sapiens Art’s gallery.

Further information on Service Terms and Privacy are available on pages: Disclaimer or by e-mail.